20 aprile 2007

The Virginia Tech Massacre

Bright Blessings all,

I am thinking of performing a ritual tonight in remembrance of those 32 people that lost their lives in the shooting at Virginia Tech.

I also have a question that maybe someone could answer for me. Where were all of the parents when those kids went berserk? How did those kids reach the level of wanting to kill other kids as well as take their own lives without their parents noticing? It is true that teenagers don't often communicate with their parents, after all those years are characterized by rebellion. But the adolescents involved in those killings weren't just being rebellious; if all the letters and essays they wrote in class were anything to go by they had deep psychological problems. Those issues were never addressed except maybe by the schools themselves. But institutions shouldn't be the only ones looking out for those kids because as I said before where were the parents? Some of these youngsters weren't even of age. If memory serves me right, the two teens involved in the Columbine High School shootings were locked up for quite a while in their parent's garage playing around with arms. The logical question that arises at this point is: did they never set foot in their garage? As far as the Korean young man was concerned, the violence that poured out of him in his essays in class and while talking to his school mates should have come out at home as well. Unless he had a place of his own and never visited his family, his folks had to be blind as well as death not to notice anything. I am pretty sure that just his behavior should have at least raised some suspicions.

Maybe if parents were held responsible for the actions of their offspring, at least until they came of age then maybe this issue could be slowly resolved. But until that day schools aren't going to be a safe place.

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